About Us

A music e-learning game company founded in 2019, Keys & Kingdoms by MeloQuest is an epic adventure piano learning game used by parents, students, teachers, and healthcare providers. Headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colorado, Keys & Kingdoms is aligned with education and healthcare for children ages 6-15 to gain effective piano skills, while playing an epic adventure game. The company’s objective is to help teachers and healthcare providers assess, find, and close musical gaps in their classrooms or therapy while “revolutionizing learning music.”

Keys & Kingdoms offers the world’s first music education game adaptive to children’s emotions. Using algorithms and its proprietary SRM (Sight Reduction Method), the game can determine whether a child is engaged, challenged, or frustrated, and adapt accordingly. Keys & Kingdoms features multiple levels of gaming through an epic adventure, teaching over 100+ songs that address each learner’s individual needs. The game also features 24/7 reporting, highlighting for teachers additional attention. Keys & Kingdoms has grown to service 3 combined districts (210,000 students), 75 independent schools (38,000 students), 5 children’s hospitals (5000 patients), and 1500 North American users in the past year. Becoming one of the fastest-growing music education startups with the best product on the market for children ages 6-15. “Fan Favorite” by Start Engine (Mr. Wonderful) and 4.5-star reviews by customers. PocketGamer.com quoted us “As A Tutoring Tool, It Is Absolutely Phenomenal And Probably One Of The Best On The Market, Especially For The 6-15 Audience.”

Our Partnerships

Keys & Kingdoms has aligned partnerships with some of the most influential children’s charity organizations that include Music Movement, Save The Music, Muscular Dystrophy Association and Give A Note Foundation. Together we help provide grants, music therapy, and instrument donations.

Meet The Team

View a list of talented professionals that make up the Keys & Kingdoms team.

Graeme Winder

Founder & CEO
2x Founder & CEO. Music Educator & Creator of SRM Method.

Wyeth Ridgway

20+ year game industry Leviathan Games as President & CEO. Creator of Pirates of the Caribbean - first 10 games ever on an iPhone

Cartic Vengkatraman

Audio Director
Founder of Meena's Music 15+ year pro audio industry. Technical & creative services with a focus on leveraging AI/ML & Spatial Audio for VR/AR/XR technologies & IOT.

Royce Richmond

Marketing Director
20+ year music/concert/festival industry. Marketing Director for Warm Audio (5+ years). Marketing Director & Talent Buyer for Direct Events (5+ years).

Marco Clark

Brand Strategy Director
10+ year digital marketing and brand strategy industry. Web design and content marketing professional with a focus on growth strategies.

Dante-Lattanzi 2.png
Dante Lattanzi

Senior Composer/Audio Producer
25+ year music industry (Management/Production/Audio Engineer/Composer/ Multi-Instrumentalist) Founder of Caelum Music Production (15+ years) clients include: HBO, Crayola, Kraft, Lexus, Best Buy, The Knot, MTV, Bad Boy Records and NBC’s “The Voice”.

Lou Yoelin

Audio Producer / Music Composer

Koon Vega

Creative Director

Chris Holt

Education Account Manager

Stefan Litrownik

Audio Producer / Music Composer

Hannah Holt

Customer Support Specialist

Advisory Board

Brian Hodous

Former CCO of Activision Blizzard. Scaled guitar hero to $2.1B, 2x Exits.

Tom Fuhr

Program Director at Innosphere, startup mentor, and High-growth specialist.

Anne Fennel

National & international presenter, leader, music educator & author.

Career opportunities

As an employer, Keys & Kingdoms welcomes talented individuals to apply who are interested in helping students develop a love for music while working with some of the brightest minds in the music, education, and healthcare industry. The company’s culture is designed to attract and develop “all-star team members.” Keys & Kingdoms align talented people to our culture by providing a respectful workplace that resonates with a positive environment that comes from being mindful, respectful, and being empathetic to our co-workers.