New Musical is All About Music’s Positive Impact on Kids’ Brain Development

teacher with kids learning music while having fun in the home

Go-go music is an offshoot of funk with heavy Afro-Latin influences and distinct, complex rhythms. But a neuroscience researcher with a passion for exploring how rhythm spurs brain development in babies and children wants to bring go-go to the theater stage. “Finding Rhythm” is the brainchild of Dr. Jessica Phillips-Silver. Her project, “Finding Rhythm! A […]

Learning a musical instrument linked to higher test results in UK

For years, we’ve heard that making music makes kids smarter. The latest proof of this comes from the UK and an interesting analysis done by Cambridge Assessment. This new report found that the effect of taking music is equivalent to a sixth of a grade per qualification for students in comprehensive schools. This roughly equates […]

Music teachers employ creative teaching methods during lockdowns

Child playing musical instrument in home music studio

Music education looks much different this year because of COVID-19 restrictions. Keys & Kingdoms applauds the work of band and choir teachers in the Janesville (Wisconsin) School District who are among those who have had to adjust their teaching methods to accommodate distance learning and safety precautions. These days, the only instruments heard in middle […]