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New Musical is All About Music’s Positive Impact on Kids’ Brain Development


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teacher with kids learning music while having fun in the home
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Go-go music is an offshoot of funk with heavy Afro-Latin influences and distinct, complex rhythms. But a neuroscience researcher with a passion for exploring how rhythm spurs brain development in babies and children wants to bring go-go to the theater stage.

“Finding Rhythm” is the brainchild of Dr. Jessica Phillips-Silver. Her project, “Finding Rhythm! A Journey Through The Musical Brain,” traces the roots of rhythmic music through Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, ultimately showing how they all fused together in D.C.’s go-go scene.

During the musical, a scientist character explains how this music spurs activity in young brains, which can have a range of benefits later in life.

Scientific research shows listening to complex rhythms, called polyrhythms, can accelerate brain development and even improve long-term memory.

“Rhythm is an extremely important stimulus to the human animal,” says Phillips-Silver, who for years taught a course on music and the brain at Georgetown University.

At Keys & Kingdoms, we couldn’t agree more and we salute Dr. Phillips-Silver and her very important new project. And we’re thrilled to play our part in helping kids 6-15 learn REAL piano skills through our engaging video game.

We agree that kids who study music do better in school and in life.  Go-Go get em, Doctor!

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