Technical Support

Keys & Kingdoms is designed to help you along your music learning journey.
If you are having technical issues, check the information below or reach out to one of our team members.

Go to www.keysandkingdoms.com and click “Log In” in the upper right corner.  

Log into your account and it will be the large 6 digit code that appears right when you log in. 

You can find a download link inside your account or you can go to https://game.keysandkingdoms.com/download.html and choose your device. 

In the very beginning of the game, you will face 3 battles in the spacewalk.  This is our assessment tool to determine what level to place you at.  You must complete all 3 battles and walk through the glowing gate into Harmonia before you reach your first auto-save point.  After that, the game will auto-save every few minutes. 

Check to make sure no headphones or bluetooth devices are attached.  Also, make sure the volume is turned up.

First, try closing out the app and reloading.  Next, determine if your device is older than 5 years.  If so, the device may not be optimal for Keys & Kingdoms.

This means your subscription has expired.  Please renew your subscription to open the door. 

Make sure the keyboard is properly connected to your device and the power is turned on (if applicable).  Go to the gear setting icon inside the game and choose “reset keyboard.”  If the keyboard is connected to the device, Keys & Kingdoms should automatically detect it. 

No, simply enter the game code one time and the app will keep your account connected even when you close the app.  We recommend that you do not log out of the game in settings because then you would have to reenter the code. 

For security purposes, your game code inside your account will change every 24 hours.  Make sure you have the latest code when you attempt to launch and log into the game. 

If you are still experiencing problems