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Turn your classroom into a piano learning adventure

Enroll in the ‘Gaming for Good’ program by Keys & Kingdoms and get your students excited to learn piano with the most fun, simplistic method around.

Children ages 6 to 15 to learn piano through supplementary teaching methods and break-through adventure gameplay.

What Schools Say

Perfect for small and large classrooms

Hear from a few of our proud music programs who already enjoy Keys & Kingdoms in their small and large classrooms!


“As we played Keys & Kingdoms with my students, I saw the light of excitement in their eyes!”

– Rosa, K-8 School in Florida


“Overall I saw the children enjoying themselves and love how the game adjusted to their level of play.”

– North Kohala, K-8 School


“My class has shown a huge interest in playing piano independently.”

– Ben, K-6 School in Chicago

About Gaming for Good

A one-of-a-kind piano learning experience

Real Skill Development

Effective teaching methods develop real skills, fast

So what’s the secret behind Keys & Kingdoms? A powerful new way of learning called the Sight Reduction Method (SRM)!

Students pick up music fast through rhythms, beats and sound recognition while building aural literacy.

Revolutionary Gaming

Epic adventure gaming motivates kids to learn piano

What better way to say “it’s time to learn music” when you can engage your students through epic enemy battles, weapon crafting, land discovery, mini games and real piano learning!

See how much Keys & Kingdoms can make a difference in their music learning lives!

Makes teaching music seamless

Get all the benefits of an unmatched music learning style that fits right into your physical and virtual classroom!

Asynchronous Learning

Keys & Kingdoms fits seamlessly into any music education curriculum giving you the freedom to implement fun and creativity how you see fit!

Powerful Skill Building

Keys & Kingdoms not only helps your students build real piano skills but also camaraderie, self confidence, creativity and more.

promotes creativity

As students discover lands, craft weapons and defeat enemies, they also get to compose their own unique songs!

Effective Methods

The effective Sight Reduction Method makes learning music easy and simple for students by gradually building aural literacy over time.

Unmatched Gaming Style

Revolutionary gaming turns music lessons into a captivating and rewarding classroom that kids love!

tried and trusted

Teachers and Students appreciate how Keys & Kingdoms turns music learning into educational entertainment!

"As a tutoring tool, it is absolutely phenomenal and probably one of the best on the market, especially for the 6-15 audience."
Mini Games

Adventurous role playing will keep your students engaged and learning piano like never before!

Side Quests

Side quests help students noticeably improve their ability to recognize and play sounds, rhythms and beats they hear.

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Ages 6 to 15

Individual students can learn at their own pace, no matter what their initial level of musical proficiency may be.

Let your students play anywhere on their favorite devices

Fun, effective music education is now easier than ever to achieve! Children have the flexibility to access Keys & Kingdoms on their favorite devices – anywhere in the classroom!

*Windows, Mac & iOS Devices

Access the game on large screens such as a desktop PC or MAC


Utilize the convenience of a laptop for classroom portability

IOS Mobile Devices

Compatible on IPad & IPhone mobile devices

*system requirements

To get the best experience with Keys & Kingdoms™ on your computer, we recommend either a computer less than five years old with a dedicated graphics card or a laptop less than three years old with an integrated video card. iOS – For iOS, we recommend iOS 11 or later or an iPhone 6s or better or an iPad from 2015 or later. A list of all compatible devices can be found on the Apple App store. Android – Currently, Keys & Kingdoms™ does not support Android devices, but we will be adding support for them in the future.

Adaptive learning for every skill level

With smart adaptive technology baked into our platform, every student can start at their own level and advance at a pace that is unique to them!

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Love the game!

“As we played Keys & Kingdoms with my students, I saw the light of excitement in their eyes!”

– Rosa, K-8 School in Florida

"A phenomenal, unmatched piano tutoring tool gamified"

Track your students progress and success

Understand how your students are advancing through musical challenges and mini games. View a weekly progress report that summarizes their training.

Have Questions? We can help

Keys & Kingdoms is designed to help you along your music teaching journey. If you have any questions checkout the information below or reach out to one of our team members.

Absolutely not. We want to help teachers and students experience music learning in a whole new way! When you enroll in the Gaming for Good free trial, you pay nothing. If you decide to upgrade to a paid plan, we’ll walk you through every step along the way!

Submit the free trial enroll form to send us your information. A team member will contact you shortly with instructions and help you get started.

Yes! Submit the form to enroll in the Gaming for Good free trial.  This will allow you to download and play a beginner level of the game so you can see the amazing music teaching methods in action!

You bet! All paid plans come with free updates to Keys and Kingdoms. We’re constantly adding new features, songs, mini games and other fun ways to keep music learning fun and engaging for you and your students!

The next time you visit Keys and Kingdoms you could be experiencing a whole new world of adventure!

Keys & Kingdoms is designed to help students learn real skills through almost any piano that can connect to your Mac or PC desktop/laptop or IOS mobile device such as an Ipad or Iphone.

Dont’ have a compatible piano to connect? You’ll still be able to play the beginner levels with your querty keyboard or by tapping the onscreen piano keys on an IOS mobile device.

For additional resources please visit the School Resources page for more tutorials and tips.

More questions?

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Try our no-risk, free trial when you enroll Gaming for Good today. We’ll help you get started!