Announcing new features that enhance the music learning experience

Just in case you’ve missed the latest update, Keys & Kingdoms enhances the music learning experience with these all new features…

Put your piano skills on display at the Colosseum

When it comes to putting your piano skills to the test in front of a real audience many musicians are fearful of performance.

Why not go to a virtual amphitheater where kids can experience an exciting live performance without all the pressure?

Keys & Kingdoms now has a Colosseum for that ‘Rock Star’ moment where kids can put their newly defined skills to the test.

Kids now get to immerse themselves on stage as they play back songs in front of an audience while training their performance skills such as no pausing or playing with other musicians.

This feature gives kids an important sense of accomplishment and urges them to keep playing and polish their piano skills in-game.

So how do players reach the Colosseum in game?

After the first crafting experience, players will see the “Colosseum Quest” come up and they can choose to enter from there.

Have your child try this new feature out. It could very well be their most exciting and entertaining feature yet!

Less reading, more action with new Character Voice-Overs

We wanted Keys & Kingdoms to be the place where kids, especially under the age of 8, can focus on more piano learning and less on reading text from characters or quests.

Music learning is all about bringing personality to life through music and the characters can help your child achieve just that.

For this reason, voice-overs have been added to the guardian Thom and the Narrator.

You may have noticed that this change is already in the game but if not kids can simply start the game where they left off and experience the new voice-overs right away.

Explore the musical island of Carathel with even more quests

The 3rd islands players can reach in Keys & Kingdoms is called Carathel. Now, this musical island comes packed with more music learning quests to explore.

To find new quests, just visit the quest board in Caleos after the first crafting experience.

More updates to come...

We strive to make the music learning experience fun and simple for all kids (and adults too)! Try these new features out for yourself and stay tuned for more to come!

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