Music Connection Reviews Keys & Kingdoms!

“If you are parents who are frustrated with trying to motivate your child to complete their daily piano practicing, Keys and Kingdoms is an excellent teaching aid for your child.” ~ Berry Rudolph

Keys and Kingdoms is educational music software that is designed for children from ages 6-15 and works on iPads, iPhones, Macs and PCs. Children learn to play piano, utilize music theory, and create songs in this musical and educational video game that progresses through multiple levels through epic adventures in the land of Harmonia. Over 100 songs are taught at the student’s individual pace and a small portable USB keyboard is included.

Starting out with playing simple, one-hand intervals and progressing onto complicated patterns using both hands, kids learn to play songs, build a sense of rhythm, and compose music.

Reading music notation is always challenging for young children and the proprietary Sight Reduction Method was devised to help students develop their skills and reduce the pressure of reading musical notes. This method keeps players engaged, achieve faster, and feel the instant joy of completing the tasks (lessons) in the game…

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