Review: Life With Kathy

Life With Kathy: Gift Guide 2020

Keys & Kingdoms is an awesome product that helps kids learn how to play piano.

They will have many games to play along with the keyboard that is included. They’ll be able to use this keyboard to help them play, along with the games that make it fun for them to play.

It’s a fun and entertaining way for making piano playing fun. Kids will be able to explore immersive lands, craft weapons, learn new songs and unlock the musical power hidden within themselves! Even if your kids don’t have any experience playing piano, it’s okay because they can start at their own skill levels. They can learn at their own paces.

These games are available on Mac/PC/iOS. This is great for kids ages 7-15.

In addition to popular features found in other games including player development, side quests, dungeons, puzzle rooms, enemies and bosses, MeloQuest’s Keys & Kingdoms teaches gamers musical skills including how to play popular songs and patterns on the piano as they proceed through the games’ exciting levels. Also, Keys & Kingdoms adapts to the skill level of the player allowing each individual to develop at his or her own speed.

Players can also create their own music using the game’s unique crafting system. (Free 30-day trial, subscription fee afterwards or package options with USB piano keyboard). Isn’t that amazing?!

What a wonderful gift this could make for someone this holiday. I’m sure kids are going to be so thrilled with this product…

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