What Are The Disadvantages To Reading Music?

“There is, however, some glaring disadvantages to only being a sight-reading musician. For one, the simple truth is that reading music inadvertently stifles creative. If you have a set of musical instructions laid out perfectly before you, there is no need for you the contribute additional information to the page. Every detail of the song has already been expressed in written form. True artists demand the need for a creative arena in which to express and explore in without fear of penalty or error.”
“Another key disadvantage of reading music is the lack of improvisational opportunities that typically become such a stable development of artistic musicians. The ability to take a musical idea, or motif, and create something new and original without losing the essence of the original idea, is truly a conduit that links directly into the expressive nature of the musician.”

Graeme Winder (President of Keys & Kingdoms)

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