Keys & Kingdoms Review From Del Mar Times: Not Just For Kids

The reviewer says Keys & Kingdoms is the piano learning game so fun and effective it’s “hard to stop playing.”

Video games aren’t just for kids anymore. For Del Mar Times reviewer Jan Wagner, Keys & Kingdoms hit all the right notes for a piano learning game as an adult. The reviewer had first heard of Keys & Kingdoms as a music learning tool for kids primarily aged 6 to 15. However, they soon discovered that the love of music has no age limit. “As I experienced over several days of playing Keys & Kingdoms, it was fun for this adult, too, and it is hard to stop playing,” said Wagner.

The reviewer particularly noted the Keys & Kingdoms signature sight reduction method for teaching piano. After experiencing unenjoyable music lessons that failed to stick with them as a child, the reviewer pointed out how this method stands apart from traditional instruction. “The Keys & Kingdoms Sight Reduction Method is not like typical piano lessons,” Wagner said. “Rather than teaching notes and music notation, fingers are assigned numbers, the students are shown where to place their hands on the keyboard, and the numbers scroll along on the screen.”

Wagner appreciated more than just the piano instruction. The fact that Keys & Kingdoms is an exciting, engaging adventure game only adds to the stickiness of the piano lessons. Combining the fun of video games and an epic adventure makes learning music all the more rewarding. “Keys & Kingdoms adds the fun of a role-playing, whimsical, ever-changing and evolving fantasy game to challenge and reward students, as they practice the piano and develop their skills,” Wagner said.

Lastly, the reviewer called out the ability for Keys & Kingdoms to adapt to the learning level of the player. Having a one-size-fits-all approach to piano lessons doesn’t work when every individual learns at their own pace. The game dynamically adjusts difficulty to help the player continue to successfully complete challenges, progressing their learning while providing vital positive reinforcement. “Its underlying adaptive learning engine determines your skill level and provides appropriately challenging exercises, as your journey takes you on adventures through the mythical, musical world of Harmonia. That makes it well suited for students to learn at their own pace, no matter what their initial level of musical proficiency may be.”

Read the full review of Keys & Kingdoms on The Del Mar Times website.

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