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Learn to play the piano with Keys & Kingdoms

Like many children, I was forced to play an instrument when I was younger. My parents decided all of us kids would all take piano lessons when I was around 5 years old, and that was that.

For the next 6 years I struggled through lessons, and never even got to the point where it became fun. Looking back now, I’m glad that I know the basics of piano, but I wish it had been different for me.

As a mom, I’ve been torn on how to approach lessons for my own kids. I mean, on one hand, I want them to play the piano like I did. On the other, I know they would resist lessons if it took up an entire afternoon every single week. So, what’s a mom to do?

She calls in Keys & Kingdoms, of course.

Learn piano with Keys & Kingdoms
Keys and Kingdoms is the first ever role-playing game that teaches real musical skills while you play. You unlock the music as you journey through the dream world of Harmonia that is full of music, mystery, and magic.

The game helps you build up skills, play songs, and create music through an adventurous, playful, and inspiring role-playing game.

Again, this is not piano lessons. Calling Keys & Kingdoms “piano lessons” is kind of missing the point. These aren’t typical lessons, and I trust that your kids will enjoy them a million times more than they would actual piano lessons.

Seeing my kids thrilled to practice piano has been amazing, and I owe it all to Keys & Kingdoms. You see, we’ve *had* a keyboard for years. And, it’s been neglected so bad that no one can even remember how it works. I was pretty sure we were doomed to never teach the kids piano until we found Keys & Kingdoms.

The key to Keys & Kingdoms

The key to the system is that it doesn’t feel like learning the piano. Instead, it feels just like a game that my kids would beg me to play. Only this game is 100% educational and teaching them a skill that can help them in many aspects of life – like math, science, and arts…

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