Webinar: The Future of Music Education Technology

Keys & Kingdoms welcomes moderator Zach Kuhn (Podcaster / Nashville Briefing) for an interactive webinar “The Future of Music Education Technology.”

The Future of Music Education Technology webinar offers music educators, industry professionals, and parents exciting opportunities to engage with renowned experts in the industry (Brian Hodous of Activision Blizzard and Guitar Hero, Beth Slusher of Give A Note Foundation, and Graeme Winder of Keys & Kingdoms) while exploring current topics in music education technology. This webinar will consist of informative presentations and moderated Q&A.


  • The future and importance of gaming and education
  • Expanding music technology in your classrooms
  • How Keys & Kingdoms aligns with the national standards.


Saturday, February 5 @ 2PM (Mountain Time)


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About Keys & Kingdoms

A music e-learning game company founded in 2019, Keys & Kingdoms by MeloQuest is an epic adventure piano learning game used by parents, students, teachers, and healthcare providers. Headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colorado, Keys & Kingdoms is aligned with education and healthcare for children ages 6-15 to gain effective piano skills, while playing an epic adventure game.

The company’s objective is to help teachers and healthcare providers assess, find, and close musical gaps in their classrooms or therapy while “revolutionizing learning music.”

Learn more about Keys & Kingdoms here.

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